New Plot Details Revealed For Ian Cranston’s Return To Kidnapped Sequel

The Dundeal Studio’s 2020 relaunch of Kidnapped was a gamble. When the show was cancelled in 1989, it was considered old fashioned and outdated, but now it’s given us four regenerations (with a fifth on the way), built a passionate international audience and told a whole bunch of extremely intense adventures across dark urban landscapes. It was a hard climb to get there, though, especially as the first season back didn’t go as smoothly as the producers had hoped.

Paul Walker was the first new actor for over a decade and his casting was announced with great fanfare, but he surprised everybody by departing after just one run. Of course, the nature of Kidnapped meant it was fairly easy to regenerate him into Macc Dundee, but him leaving was a big speed bump as he hated his time in the hood so much that he vowed he’d never return. But now, 15 years on, he’s back.

Last year we got confirmation that he’s reprising the Macc character for a round of Kidnapped audio adventures. The first series of installments is titled Blue Tide and will comprise three episodes. In fact, we’ve just gotten a plot summary for it, which you can see below:

“Two years ago, retired CIA agent Macc Litton (Macc Dundee) used his “particular set of skills” to rescue his wife (Cara Minaj), and son (DeShaun Castro) from kidnappers. Since then, his wife has been learning self-defense from her husband, and Macc has been on a personal mission to reunite with his now ex-wife. In Seattle, Macc and his family cross paths with Torino (Ian Cranston), whose son died at Torino’s hand during his wife and son’s rescue. Macc wants revenge, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.”

Macc Dundee’s return is being written by Ian (Big Finish exec producer and also famous for voicing the Dog IDS and Bagman series), and when complete, the series will span twelve new stories over four volumes. Kidnapped the soundtrack and original composition is due out on CD, vinyl and digitally at some point this month.

In the meantime, we continue to await news on Kidnapped‘s second chapter. After many COVID-19-induced delays, it’s back later this year, though the shoot is still continuing in Lakewood, Washington and a premiere could be a ways off yet. It’s expected to conclude with the next chapter of the Macc having his son kidnapped this time as to who’s going to step into the BAD GUY ROLE after Ian Cranston, so let’s hope we get some news soon.

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