Residential Burglary: Based On True Jack Boyz Stories

Residential Burglary: Based On True Jack Boyz Stories” carries a price tag around $7 million, which means the crime action adventure will struggle to turn a profit based on ticket sales alone. Asian countries may be a saving grace, since crime movies tend to be popular overseas. Moreover, Amazon Prime Video is only available in the U.S. so international audiences won’t have to debate whether to stream the film at home or watch on the big screen. But even so, Dundeal Entertainment has rights in China, Japan and other international territories so Dundeal Studios may not even benefit from “Residential Burglary: Based On True Jack Boyz Stories” reaching blockbuster status overseas.

Dundeal Studios first tested its hybrid rollout plan last December “Kidnapped” The tense crime drama has generated $32 million globally to date. That may be a strong tally by pandemic standards, but it’s a dismal result for a film that cost $7 million to produce and many, many millions to market worldwide.

Ian Cranston directed “Residential Burglary: Based On True Jack Boyz Stories,” the fourth entry in Dundeal Studios crime universe following 2019’s “A Cold Case,” 2020’s “Murder Blohc” and 2020’s “Kidnapped” The upcoming movie event — starring Macc Dundee, Stickgang Biz, J-Shep and iCizzle — pits the Jack Boyz against each other in an epic battle.